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Ballroom Shoe- Yasmin

Description: Yasmin is a detailed and beautiful salsa competition shoe that also works well as a social Latin shoe. The wide heel is positioned in the middle of the heel for optimal stability when making the types of heel movements that salsa and Latin dancers require. The feminine lattice work in the design of the heel cup as well as the front toe straps, make  Yasmin perfect for a night on the town social dancing. Thick suede soles are perfect for spins and turns on many types of floors, while the heel provides the grip needed to avoid slipping. An added benefit of the design is the strap which crosses below the arch and adds even more security and support for the dancer. The self locking buckle provides a convenient and easy way into and out of this shoe, whilst maintaining the exact setting the dancer desires for the perfect fit. It is so simple! FEATURES   LATTICE WORK STYLE UPPER CENTRED HEEL BALANCE  WIDER SALSA HEEL FOR BETTER STABILITY  A SUEDE SOLE IDEAL FOR SPINS SELF LOCKING BUCKLE Note: All Bloch heeels over 2" contain steel re-inforcements in the heel plate for balance and stability.

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